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Re: various

Isn't that a Goober? Or is a Goober some form of obscure American slang that
means anything but big fish thing? (I wouldn't know, I'm English).

You're thinking of those fishes found in the oceans of Naboo from Star Wars, Ep. 1.

> Groop Awards & decided we were big fish. Of course, there is a revolting > faction of us who still want to be screaming teenage girls, but that's > for each fish to decide on his/her own.

...basically, you can call yourself anything you want... though something like "The Mayor of Groo-ville" would be highly unadvisable...

(/delu.../delur..dammit, kickstart you!)
Please don't kickstart me.  I'm a bleeder.

Fight Censorship! RYAAAAA!
But Nate, what if the censors find the fight to be too violent and decides to censor it?

uh, a "grouper" is a fish, a "goober" is a peanut,
and who knows what a "grooper" is ...

...as any fool can plainly see, (please don't reply to that, I don't need a few hundred posts saying "I can plainly see that!!"), a "Grooper" is a fan of a most excellent comic book by Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier, who often tend to be a bit ... um... "Enthusiastic" about their favorite mendicant.
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