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Re: I feel like talking

RE: Groo poster for $50 on Ebay...


  I think I saw this one yesterday, and if my memory serves me correctly,
There was *zero* bids on it indicating the place selling it considers that
to be the reserve bid they would like to get as a minimum.  Try contacting
the seller just prior to the end of the auction (especially if they get no
and see if they would let it go for less?!  It would be a nice addition to
collection of Groo, just not for $50.  But then again price is determined
by how bad you want something ... Now if only I could trade my signed
copies of PC #2,3,4 for unsigned copies, I'd increase their value greatly!


>I look on Ebay today and notice an old Marvel Comics Groo Promo poster
>going for $50. I have this poster, as I'm sure that Gary and a few other
>Groopers do.