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Re: Anti-2000

actually, Roman calander, Catholic date.

>It's the first of Jan. and I'm already sick of hearing about how hard it's
>going to be to remember to sign checks with 2000, and "Hey is your computer
>all right?" and "Some nut might still have a suitcase nuke in New York....
>it's not over yet."..... ugh.
>But I'm happy about the new year.  Even though 2001 is actually the
>millenium since there's no year zero.  But the whole thing is based on a
>Catholic calendar that means nothing in the grand scheme of the universe.
>(I'm starting to sound like Squirrel!)  
>But we're all happy and healthy, and for brief moments last night, parts of
>the world were unified in celebration.  That's what matters.
>So when I finish a drawing do I put my sig followed by double zeros?
>~Nate "milleni-anal" Piekos
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