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Hi Folks!

The guy trying to sell the Epic Groo promo poster for $50 SHOULD be
dreaming, but you never know.  Our own Rat (aka packrat, aka Dan Cooper)
recently picked one up on ebay for $7.17.   As I've stated before, things on
ebay can be really, really weird, even to a nutball like me!!  One week a
set of Groo cards or an IG card can't get a bid of $10-$15.  The next week a
set of the cards or the same IG card goes for $40!  It all comes down to who
is looking at that time and how much two people want the item AND whether
they think, know, or care if the item is likely to show up again.

But YOU my fellow GROOPIES(!!!!!) have the advantage of the combined wisdom
(?) of me and Shane and other slavish ebay Groo item searchers.  Before you
go throwing your hard earned kopins at overpriced ebay Groo items that will
show up again next week, ask the Groop.  We can tell you that the Epic Groo
promo poster shows up rather regularly, or that the Mass Market poster shows
up periodically, but the price is always in the $40-$50 range (as I recall).
Or that lately the Groo Statue has been going for around $100. or even less.
Also remember there are sometimes other (cheaper) places to find things than
ebay.  (btw, if you see me or Shane bidding on something, you might as well
forget it because we are insane and have no concept of true value or money.
Rat is a half notch less deranged and Mike S. picks his spots more
judiciously and has more far flung and obscure sources to boot.)

And about what we are (besides certifiable)

Grouper is a large fish with a mouth big enough to swallow Nate whole.
Groupie is a pathetic teenage girl with a big mouth, some of whom apparently
tried to swallow Nate whole.
Druid is Celtic worshiper of rocks and trees with a mouth of indeterminate
size, so Nate is probably safe unless he kicks the wrong rock.
Goober is a peanut, and also Southern slang for a fool (as in peanut brain)
and also the name of a comedian who was a regular on The Andy Griffith Show
and Hee Haw.  Nate lives in New England so he has probably never seen these
shows and can eat peanuts with a clear conscience (and a small mouth).

Grooper/Groopie are the two most popular terms that Groop members use to
refer to themselves, with Grooper having an edge in popularity (at the
moment-Ha!) And, of course, we have our iconaclast, the Grooid.   This
congers up a wonderful picture of big mouthed, big fish battling insane,
inane teenage girls while a lone Druid dances around  the sacred tree and
stubs his toe on the sacred rock amidst a blizzard of Groo comic books.  And
if they all eat enough peanuts, it will be like they all have mouthes full
of peanutbutter and if you ask them what they are they will all sound like
they are saying GROOBER!

Oh yeah, and Midnight Toker is a phrase from an old Steve Miller song.

Take care all -Gary "Loquacious (try saying that with a mouthful of
peanutbutter)" Grossmann