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An oversized reply to a whole lotta stuff

Selena asked:
>Isn't that a Goober? Or is a Goober some form of obscure American slang that

>means anything but big fish thing? (I wouldn't know, I'm English).

So Nate replied:
>Goober is similar to Dork, Dolt, Sped, Dimwit, Twit.... um, that's all
>I can think of without Eric censoring me?

To which I add:
The more mundane definition of goober is a peanut. So shouldn't we add 
Blockhead to Nate's list, or is that nickname retired?

Nitroacid/Craig admitted:
>  Eh ... hehehe... Ok then Uh I guess I'm a Grooper then.  :)

So I shout:
YES! Another fish converted to our cause! Take THAT all you screaming 
teenagers! (Hey, every Groop has to have its factions, ya know?)

Saad/Fuchikaka said:

>...as any fool can plainly see, (please don't reply to that, I don't need a 
>few hundred posts saying "I can plainly see that!!"), a "Grooper" is a fan 
>of a most excellent comic book by Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier, who often 
>tend to be a bit ... um... "Enthusiastic" about their favorite mendicant.

I reply:
Not to mention dessesbo. (I can plainly see that?nyaaah!)

Unirabbit mentioned:
>I thought a goober was what you got out of your nose....

So I mentioned back:
Hey Eric, am I allowed to anagram goober?

Mark replied to a previous post:
>ME: There's always been a limited demand for Groo and Sergio items.  I
>dunno if the mailing list has had a huge impact on that.

I commented:
Well, there's at least one additional lunchbox that will be bought because of 
the Groop (assuming JHU gets it tomorrow from their Staten Island store for 
me, that is). There're few enough of us so that if only Groopers bought Groo 
stuff, the book and merchandise would go bye-bye. However, you have to figure 
in our lobbyist impact. You know, Nate told two friends, and they told two 
friends, and so on, and so on?

By the way, anyone have an idea how many total subscribers are currently out 
there? Josh? Ruben?

Did Gabe err when  he said:
>Maybe Bryan is a Grooid with a gooey center (hands off Glorko!
>Gabe, who will always be, forever more, a Groper 

Larry says:
Hands off yourself, it would seem!

Bye all!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy