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Re: 16, 18, 21 (and possibly 25)

Oops. Heh heh. Hit SEND too soon; please ignore my previous post (if you 
don't already, heh, heh)

In a message dated 1/4/0 9:38:27 AM, DanielBron@aol.com writes:

>That's right. 
> Your long time friend and joke-butt, TGD, just hit the big 21.  

If I comment on your joke-butt I'll just get in trouble with Eric. 

Happy 21st Birthday! I remember my 21st just like it was yesterday? DAMN I 
WAS SKINNY!!! Oh, um, sorry, where was I, oh yeah, the mists of youth. There 
I was, with my closest friends and family, including Unirabbit and Zookeeper, 
having a wholesome celebration, trying to blow out those darned reigniteable 
candles (well gee whiz, ya got me!), munching a piece of delicious chocolate 
cake with ice cold milk, playing Parcheesi, telling knock-knock jokes 
(Banana! Banana who? Chuckle!!!), opening presents (oooh, a cardigan), 
setting fire to the neighbors' pets (sigh), and having one more piece of that 
delicious chocolate cake!

What!? What!!!? 

-Larry S. AKA The Sicko OF Entropy