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Re: Happy Grew Year!

I guess that qualifies me for the first Groop Grooism of "the bunch of
years following the start of the year 2000."

On a serious (ack!) note, I had just installed a software fix for my
non-compliant BIOS just 15 minutes before midnight PST.  I hadn't
rebooted my computer before sending the e-mail 5 minutes after midnight,
and I guess that's the date my computer chose to roll-over to.  

And yes, I s'pose I've been lurking for a while....

Hope all is well!
Old-timer Groopie.

Azamin \"Cantona\" Zainol Abidin wrote:
> But your posting  date was on 2nd January 1994!!!!!
> Ruben Arellano wrote:
> > Since I detest the phrases "Y2K" and "Millenium", I won't use them in
> > this greeting.
> >
> > Err....
> > Ruben.