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Re: Zoltranian jester feast

Yes, it was I who gave those humourous puns to Kevin.  I am a really
good pun maker.  Some people call me a... err... punny guy.  Ha!Ha!Ha.

But, I'm no entrée, I'm a sandwich.  

Did I miss the party?  

I'm dying up here,

Kevin Hall wrote:
> I actually had someone else give me those rock & salad puns...um...it
> was Ruben! Yeah, that's the ticket! You wouldn't BELIEVE the puns that
> guy comes up with!! He's EMINENTLY more foolish than I!! And he already
> even sounds like an entree...see:  Chicken Cacchitore...Ruben
> Arellano...Veal Scalopini...see??!
> I've even heard people in New York say they can't resist a good Ruben!!
> So, enjoy the feast! Happy Zoltronian Merrymaking, etc. etc.
> Kevin (the Fool FORMERLY known as the Jester)