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Aragones at Cohen Funeral

     FYI, below is an excerpt from a post (written by an anonymous 
     indiviudal) that appeared on the rec.arts.comics.strips newgroup.
     Mike S.
     Excerpt (Sparky = Charles Schultz):
     Just thought I'd drop you a line. We (the Johnston family) were in 
     Santa Rosa last week both to visit with Sparky and to
     attend the funeral service for our dear friend Mark Cohen 
     (www.markomics.com) who recently lost a long battle with
     cancer. Lynn Johnston gave a speach along with Sergio Aragones (a 
     personal hero of mine) and Greg Evans.  Geanie Schultz said some kind 
     words and helped with the service arrangements and to our pleasent 
     surprise, Sparky also attended the service to say goodbye to Mark.