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Re: How many total subscribers?

Which Aaron are you reffering to Dan?  If it's me
you've misspelled my name... If your talking about
some other Erin out there... then nevermind. =)


--- Daniel Cortés <danicortes@worldonline.es> wrote:
> > Larry said:
> > >By the way, anyone have an idea how many total
> subscribers are currently out there? Josh? Ruben?
> >
> > Chris said:
> > Josh? Ruben? Do they still exist? Guys? Are you
> out there?
> And I say:
> yeah! I want to know, too. I've always wondered how
> many people is out
> there listening, lurking in the shadows. I know a
> good way to find out
> how manyof us is there: One of us (for instance,
> Erin) can count to
> three, and then the rest must send a message in
> reply: hi!!!! Then we
> only have to count the replies, add an estimated
> number of those who are
> sleeping at the time, plus Erin, who is not sleeping
> but is also out
> there in a non-existing mode.
> Dan Cortes

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