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Re: [Fwd: How many total subscribers?]

Hey! I have thought of another Groo counting game: we go and tell Groo we need
his help to clean our list from those dangerous sneaking slippery lurkers,
especially from those who didn't subscribe themselves (lazy lot). OK, then, we
count to three again and we tell Groo to slice, chop, stab, swish all the smiling
little shy faces that pop up saying: 'hi!' or 'how many subscribers?'
Then we only have to count how many heads are rolling over, and we'll know how
many people are... were... in the list.
Dan C.

Schechner & Associates escribió:

> Yea! That's one. How many more?
> >I subscribe, but I don't have a lunch box. I did get an autographed Groo and
> >Rufferto card. That meks me legal!!! Fred Vigeant