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A mulch of topics.

"Daniel Cortés" wrote:
> > Chris said:
> > Josh? Ruben? Do they still exist? Guys? Are you out there?

	Oh, yeah, I'm out there.  

Sorry guys, last couple months have been a real scramble for me.  (I
finally got a new, great job in November, and things have been busy and
an adjustment to the new "I'm no bum" lifestyle).

Last time I checked there were 543,321,872 subscribers to the list. 
Including me.

Although I didn't own a lot of his material, I was truly saddened to
hear about Don Martin's passing.  The cartooning world has lost another

Hey, in the words by Evanier and drawn by Aragones story "Bugged" in
DH's Scatterbrain #4, the colorist forgot to color the main character's
hair in a panel on page 4 and on the last page.  I found it really funny
how he goes from being buzz-cut to near-bald to buzz-cut in three
panels! Check it out!

I just got Blair Which?, but haven't read it yet, but I must say the
wrap-around cover is halarious!

I should have my Groo lunchbox soon.  And I'm glad it doesn't have a

All best,

PS: If Two Sheds <a2sg@yahoo.com> doesn't get me his Groopad money ($20)
within 2 weeks (enough time to mail from anywhere in the world), they're
going to someone else!!! (this is your last last last last last chance) 

Happy happy.