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Next Groo mini-series is almost upon us!

Hi All,

   Well the beginning of the next Groo mini-series
"Mightier than the sword" is almost upon us!  
9 more days till it is released!  Despite Pipal
Khan being a newer character in Groo's realm
(from the Image days) I'm dying to read the
first part (and the subsequent parts!) in this
four part series!  Has anyone heard any
rumors about what it will be about?  I mean
besides Pipal Khan trying to slay Groo and

Anyhow, another Wallpaper for anyone out there
that even remotely likes Groo any longer! :)


This time I got creative - and instead of scanning
anything, I scoured the net and (ahem) borrowed
some pics of the first 8 pacific issues.  Slap 'em
all together in two rows of four and you have the
latest - greatest Groo wallpaper available for

Also - I've re-saved all the other Groo wallpapers
at my site in a reduced KB size, same 1024x768,
just smaller for quicker downloads if anyone out
there actually does download them! :)