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Re: [groofest] this list & a little info

I forget the details of GrooFest?

Are we pretty much going on the assumption that it will take place as our own 
little side trip during the SDCC? 

I've done my share of Conventions, and have pretty much avoided them since I 
reevaluated my comic book habit and decided to be more of a reader/fan than 
collector; especially since I've never really been much into the autograph 
aspect. However, I know the SDCC is The Con nowadays, and I guess I wouldn't 
mind checking it out, but I really would only be going to be part of 

Anyway, if it is settled that GrooFest will be going on concurrently with 
SDCC, then I guess it's decision time? so what the hell, I'm in! 

Should I just go ahead and register at the SDCC site, and try to make my own 
hotel reservations? Or should we as a Groop try and either pair up or try and 
get a block of rooms together. Or is it too late for any of that? 

If we try and room together, what about booking airfares? There was some talk 
months ago about some of us potentially traveling together. How about it New 
York/Metro area Groopers, Groopies (and Grooid?), should we plan to travel 
together? Alternately, how about a road trip to New England to hook up with 
Nate and the others? We could create our own Eastern Block!  

I know I'm getting a bit carried away now, and I'm sure it's too late for 
this, but if we DO crash the Con as members of The Groop, we should probably 
have some sort of Groop SDCC t-shirts printed (but only with Mark & Sergio's 
sanction). I picture a shirt depicting a fray between Groopers and Groopies, 
with you-know-who caught in the middle.

Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy