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Re: [groofest] this list & a little info

SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:

> I know I'm getting a bit carried away now, and I'm sure it's too late for
> this, but if we DO crash the Con as members of The Groop, we should probably
> have some sort of Groop SDCC t-shirts printed (but only with Mark & Sergio's
> sanction). I picture a shirt depicting a fray between Groopers and Groopies,
> with you-know-who caught in the middle.

That would be cool, An Official Groop/Groofest T-shirt. I see a problem, at least
for me. T-shirts are pretty much size specific and I'm a rather large dude.
Printing all those different sizes would be kinda spendy but how about a hat, one
size fits all.  It would also be easier to spot fellow groopers/ies in  a
crowd... So, put me down for two...
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