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Re: [groofest] this list & a little info

Hi Folks!

Yes, I'm still alive.  Things have been a little hectic.  I even served on a
jury.  Slimy case.  I'm sending this to the whole groop because it's come up
on the Groop mailing list and not just on the groofest mailing list.  OK,
GrooFest 2000:

No word yet from Sergio.  The man has many deadlines and a life.  (unlike
some of us) So I don't know if GrooFest 2000 will be.   And if it is, I
don't know if it will be in convenient sync with the SDCC.  Since virtually
everyone interested in GrooFest wants it to be in sync with the Con, my
previous suggestion was that if GrooFest at that time doesn't work out for
Sergio, we have an impromptu GrooFest (sans studio tour of course) at the

There are a variety of fun things we can do at the Con in any event as a
Groop. Maybe we should start planning for that now and just do it. Then, if
those plans end up including a four hour trip up the freeways and highways
to Ojai after the Con, so much the better.  If not, well everyone will still
have gotten together, met the Groo Crew, and had a lot of fun.  What do you

The best thing about this plan is that we can start working out logistics
for everyone seriously coming now, without the need to impose
planning/decision requirements on the Groo Crew.  (in case you haven't
figured it out, I'm making this up as I go).  Here are a smattering of
basics to think about off the top of my head:

You want to buy your tickets to the Con before (I think) April 1, to get the
biggest discount.  That means you need to decide whether you are going for
one day of buying the the Full membership (a much better deal that allows
more flexibility and doesn't really cost that much compared to food, lodging
and transpo)

Lodging:  There are at least a dozen hotels/motels within walking distance
(less than a mile) for healthy young men & women (and reasonably conditioned
middle-aged men)  The cheapest are a couple variations of the Quality Inn
family that go for $85-90 for a single.  They are about 12 or so blocks away
with some uphill from the convention center. (No biggie) You got the other
end info from Eric.  Shane has info on that front as well.  I reserved at
one of them.  I think it's only the ones immediately around the convention
center that The Con books up.

Transpo:  Once you are in SanDiego, it's a breeze.  An easy shuttle 10 Min
shuttle from the airport every 15 minutes if I recall correctly.  If you are
driving, I found getting around in 1998 very easy as well.  San Diego is
smooth compared to Seattle or even Tacoma.

As Eric Indicated, it's amazing what you can find out on the web about The
Con, transpo, and lodging.  Let's start talking this up on
groofest@onelist.com from now on.  I will put up the latest list of those
interested soon and we can add and subtract and start to kick around ideas
for logistics and things to do.

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  A T-Shirt and Cap with permission and proper copy right listed sound
cool. Art could be lifted or done by one of the Groop.  Sizes and quality
due to cost & limited number could be a problem.

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> From: Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@umassmed.edu>
> Hey, gang. Needed to send a note to you all to keep this list from
> expiring. Got a note yesterday from onelist that says we're not using
> it. :)
> I've been hearing a LOT the last 2 or 3 days on one of the other comic
> lists about the San Diego con. I'll post the URL on this list in the
> next couple days.
> One thing everyone's been talking about is hotel rooms. Apparently,
> anyone feel free to correct me if needed, you can't book a hotel room
> through the hotels?? They're all taken. But apparently the con itself
> reserves huge blocks of rooms and as of mid-Feb you can book rooms
> through the Con people. I'll post more as I find out more.
> Kevin
> PS Gary, you're still the main con man (heheh). Let us know if & when
> you talk to the Groo Crew and what the possibilities are of really
> achieving our own little Groo fest with them. :) Adios for now, all.
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