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Re: The song of Groo...

Hi Groosum!

You are slow of mind, as any fool can plainly see.  Of course you are a Groo
fan, so that is a given.  And it took me 24 hours to answer you, so what
does that make me?  "Groo the Wanderer" by the Brazillian Band "Dirty Job"
has been around for a while and it took me some time to track down the
leader of the band and get a cyberspace copy, which ever-reliable and
techno-proficient Kevin transfered to a tape for me and put on the Groo site
for everyone else.  The writer of the song, Leandro Indrusiak, gave me
permission to do whatever I want with the song.  So you can download it,
burn on a CD or anything else you want as long as you don't sell it.

By the way, the band broke up because all the members graduated from college
and went on to different grad schools.

Take care all -Gary G.

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> No, I'm not referring to the first M/E issue. I was just at www.groo.com
> and noticed something strange. My cursor told me that there was
> something under the Groo the Wanderer header so I clicked it.
> ROFLMOA, It was an MP3 by a band called " Dirty Job " I assume. The song
> is of Groo, and I like it!!!
> Is this new or am I slow of mind?????
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