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OT - Computer Blues....

Well, at the most inconvenient time, of course, my computer decides to go Kablooey.
 My tip of the day: don't run the disk/file clean-up features of Norton 2000
and Norton Uninstall consecutively.... It nuked Windows to the point where Windows
requests a re-install from DOS -- problem is I don't have enough HD space to
do it (stewpid Windows can't see I'm going to overwrite most of the used space
with the re-install).... 

Anyhow, I took this crash as an excuse to upgrade my 486/66 POC to a brand spankin'
new one.  So, I should hopefully be up and running (screamin' if funds allow!)
by week's end.

All hail The Curse of Groo!

Off my soapbox,