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Re: OT - Computer Blues....

Ruben wrote:

> Well, at the most inconvenient time, of course, my computer decides to go Kablooey.
>  My tip of the day: don't run the disk/file clean-up features of Norton 2000
> and Norton Uninstall consecutively.... It nuked Windows to the point where Windows
> requests a re-install from DOS -- problem is I don't have enough HD space to
> do it (stewpid Windows can't see I'm going to overwrite most of the used space
> with the re-install)....

from the dos prompt, format a blank floppy disk to be a system bootable disk, delete
some directory in windows directory except system directory, reinstall CD rom driver if
necessary, reinstall windows.  (windows 3.1 is better since you're using 486.  Win95/98
is walking on 486, not running) , reinstall all drivers (graphic card, sound card,
modem, web browser etc...  If you formatted the hard disk, you'll lost all data files
you saved.) and it'll run again and can be used by othe person since you have a new

> Anyhow, I took this crash as an excuse to upgrade my 486/66 POC to a brand spankin'
> new one.  So, I should hopefully be up and running (screamin' if funds allow!)
> by week's end.

Wow, what a good excuse.  So grooper friends who want to have a new computer, please
follow steps taken by our friend, Ruben.  Btw, did you upgrade it or you just bought a
new PC?

> All hail The Curse of Groo!

that you'll get a new PC.