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Re: OT - Computer Blues....

Azamin \"Cantona\" Zainol Abidin wrote:
> from the dos prompt, format a blank floppy disk to be a system
> bootable disk, delete some directory in windows directory except
> system directory, reinstall CD rom driver if necessary, reinstall
> windows.  (windows 3.1 is better since you're using 486.  Win95/98
> is walking on 486, not running) , reinstall all drivers (graphic
> card, sound card, modem, web browser etc...  If you formatted the
> hard disk, you'll lost all data files you saved.) and it'll run
> again and can be used by othe person since you have a new computer.

I managed to kill my computer a few months back.  Wouldn't even boot
up to the DOS prompt - switch on, "non-system disk, replace and press
any key" message comes up... and it was talking about the *hard disk*,
not a floppy.  Found a boot disk, booted from floppy, looked at hard
disk, all data was still there, appeared to be working fine.  Took
computer to visit friend, pulled bad HD out of 'puter, stuck it in
friends 'puter as slave hard disk, all data was still there, still
appeared to be working fine, but still refused to boot.  Backed up all
data from bad hard disk onto friends hard disk, tried reinstalling
windows.  Still won't boot.  Tried reinstalling DOS.  Still won't
boot.  Time to get viscious - reformatted hard disk.  Still won't
boot.  Did everything we could to hard disk: Format, fdisk, even got a
copy of manufacturers system disk that is *guaranteed* to format the
thing properly - still won't boot. 

Admit defeat, take 'puter to shop, ask them to fix it.  Tech plays
with 'puter for 30 minutes, before announcing that he has no idea, and
gives up in despair.  Shrug shoulders, think "oh well, wanted a new
computer anyway", say "well if the hard disk's *completely* ruined,
you can stick a new one in for me... and you may as well upgrade
everything else while you're at it, too".  End result?  No more 486
for Denis...

(Then came the *really* tricky part... ring Mum and tell her whole
tragic story, and finish with "and now it's going to cost me heaps to
get it fixed"... and get her to help pay for it... :-)


P.S.  Said hard disk is now residing in current 'puter, working
perfectly well as a back-up, archive and junk-storage disk.  And no,
it *still* won't boot...
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