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Re: OT - Microsoft Blues....

"Mr. Fitchell" wrote:
> I work for Microsoft.
> I'd suggest not using Norton products at all.
> From experience, I see that 80% of the troubleshooting I do is because of
> something a utility program has done.

Of course, you'd suggest using only Microsoft products?? Sorry, gang,
couldn't let this one go...

<rant mode on>
The REAL problem is NOT Norton. Norton has some fine stuff out there.
The REAL problem is the lack of cooperation between companies in their
search for the almighty buck!! Worse yet: the short term buck! This is
the same kind of mentality that has car companies use different nuts &
bolts to hold things together so you HAVE to use their nuts or bolts &
keeps the prices higher for EVERYONE! Some software companies have gone
as far as "tweaking" proprietary software they've licensed to use in an
effort to make sure some products ONLY work with THEIR stuff! And I
can't think of another company out there that actually released
consecutive versions of a product like a Word processor that didn't
recognize data files from the previous version. Oops. Did we Groo??
There are any number of utility & 3rd party programs out there that work
wonderfully. I *would* caution about using things like uninstalls,
however, as no one has come up with any agreement for how things like
files shared by multiple programs should be "installed" & "uninstalled".

My advice: get to know the machine you're using. Put programs & data in
directories that YOU want them in. Keep control of your machine rather
than vice versa. I realize we don't all have the time to become total
tech-heads, so for the rest of the folks: make sure you keep backups of
ALL data (that you want to keep) & install the whole win95 directory (or
the equivalent for 98) on your hard disk. That way, 90% of the time
(yes, that's a made up figure) you don't have to go looking for your
original system disk when you add new software or hardware. It also
makes it easier to deal with CD-ROMs as most of the time the system can
pull the driver out of the files on your hard drive. Also: keep an eye
on Linux. It's an operating system driven by people who love machines
not money. In the past, not all programs had a Linux version available &
there wasn't a cute "windows style" interface. Both are RAPIDLY
changing. Almost ALL major programs now support a LINUX version, and
there are a number of interfaces being developed. Some by the LINUX
folks themselves.
<rant mode off>

To keep this Groo: I'd LOVE to see the Groo Crew do a story on some of
the stuff that's gone on. I won't suggest an actual storyline, as that
would guarantee that Mark would never write it, but there's certainly
PLENTY of Grooishness out there in industry & in the computer industry
in particular.