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Re: OT - Microsoft Blues....

I didn't say that...
but, very funny...

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From: Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@umassmed.edu>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2000 4:32 AM
Subject: Re: OT - Microsoft Blues....

> "Mr. Fitchell" wrote:
> >
> > I work for Microsoft.
> > I'd suggest not using Norton products at all.
> > From experience, I see that 80% of the troubleshooting I do is because
> > something a utility program has done.
> Of course, you'd suggest using only Microsoft products?? Sorry, gang,
> couldn't let this one go...
> <rant mode on>
> The REAL problem is NOT Norton. Norton has some fine stuff out there.
> The REAL problem is the lack of cooperation between companies in their
> search for the almighty buck!! Worse yet: the short term buck! This is
> the same kind of mentality that has car companies use different nuts &
> bolts to hold things together so you HAVE to use their nuts or bolts &
> keeps the prices higher for EVERYONE! Some software companies have gone
> as far as "tweaking" proprietary software they've licensed to use in an
> effort to make sure some products ONLY work with THEIR stuff! And I
> can't think of another company out there that actually released
> consecutive versions of a product like a Word processor that didn't
> recognize data files from the previous version. Oops. Did we Groo??
> There are any number of utility & 3rd party programs out there that work
> wonderfully. I *would* caution about using things like uninstalls,
> however, as no one has come up with any agreement for how things like
> files shared by multiple programs should be "installed" & "uninstalled".
> My advice: get to know the machine you're using. Put programs & data in
> directories that YOU want them in. Keep control of your machine rather
> than vice versa. I realize we don't all have the time to become total
> tech-heads, so for the rest of the folks: make sure you keep backups of
> ALL data (that you want to keep) & install the whole win95 directory (or
> the equivalent for 98) on your hard disk. That way, 90% of the time
> (yes, that's a made up figure) you don't have to go looking for your
> original system disk when you add new software or hardware. It also
> makes it easier to deal with CD-ROMs as most of the time the system can
> pull the driver out of the files on your hard drive. Also: keep an eye
> on Linux. It's an operating system driven by people who love machines
> not money. In the past, not all programs had a Linux version available &
> there wasn't a cute "windows style" interface. Both are RAPIDLY
> changing. Almost ALL major programs now support a LINUX version, and
> there are a number of interfaces being developed. Some by the LINUX
> folks themselves.
> <rant mode off>
> To keep this Groo: I'd LOVE to see the Groo Crew do a story on some of
> the stuff that's gone on. I won't suggest an actual storyline, as that
> would guarantee that Mark would never write it, but there's certainly
> PLENTY of Grooishness out there in industry & in the computer industry
> in particular.
> Kevin