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Re: Louder than words

>>I don't know if I'm recovering an old topic or not
>>so I'll go ahead and await the flames! :)
>Why worry? Since Sergio & Mark just keep doing the same joke over and over,
>why should the Groop be any different?

Ah hahaha ... I guess I never thought of it that way, thanks
for the insight! :)

On a fresh note,  has anyone bought the first of the mightier than
the swords GROO mini-series yet?  I haven't had a chance to
get to my local comic store yet, seen as I decided to cancel
my order from TFAW (things from another world) because of
the killer high shipping costs for one comic.  -Air mail priority
to me - although nice and quick - would make the comic
cost about $15 cdn - EEK! :)

Anyhow how does the new series look?  Any references to
Mulching, Cheese dip, etc.?  Did anyone from this mailing
list manage to get a letter printed in it? :)