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Re: Louder than words

Hi Folks!

This truly one of the best days that the year will bring!

First, it's my #2 Son's 19th birthday.  But a close second is that the NEW
GROO is out!   WhooHoo!!  Haven't had a chance to read it yet.  But glancing
in the back there are letters from Groopies Saad, Ken Fritts, Volker, and
Tony D!  Also, you may notice the ads in the back for Grapphitti Designs
stuff.  I called and they DO NOT have Groo T-shirts as the add indicates.
They do have the other stuff.  There's also an add for the Groo ornaments at
$5 higher than the original order price ($24.90 vs. $19.95)  It was too late
to call them, but my comic shop says the distributor says the original
orders will be coming.

Also, da-da-da-da-dah-DUM!!!  As was pointed out some time ago, the new Groo
#1 (Which is at least the 7th #1) is the 150th regular Groo comic!!!!!
(There have been 2 graphic novels and 6 short adventures in other
publications.)  Pretty cool!  Oh, and the ad for the second book of the
series shows a particularly cool cover.  Groo is about to tangle with a
two-headed Dragon.  (love those Sergio dragons!)

btw, Louder Than Words IS really cool and funny.  The trade paperback is
worth buying even if you have the comics because of the bonus artwork in the
back.   And there is a Groo appearance in every one, including the trade
paperback cover, except #6.

And what would be so bad about auditing my Groo collection?  The list is
only 8 pages long and summarizes over 1000 items.  Sheesh!

Now I've got to go and acll my son and then read Groo.  Take care all -Gary

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> >>I don't know if I'm recovering an old topic or not
> >>so I'll go ahead and await the flames! :)
> >
> >Why worry? Since Sergio & Mark just keep doing the same joke over and
> >why should the Groop be any different?
> Ah hahaha ... I guess I never thought of it that way, thanks
> for the insight! :)
> On a fresh note,  has anyone bought the first of the mightier than
> the swords GROO mini-series yet?  I haven't had a chance to
> get to my local comic store yet, seen as I decided to cancel
> my order from TFAW (things from another world) because of
> the killer high shipping costs for one comic.  -Air mail priority
> to me - although nice and quick - would make the comic
> cost about $15 cdn - EEK! :)
> Anyhow how does the new series look?  Any references to
> Mulching, Cheese dip, etc.?  Did anyone from this mailing
> list manage to get a letter printed in it? :)
> Later,
> Craig