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Re: Louder than words

Craig Bower wrote:

>    I don't know if I'm recovering an old topic or not
> so I'll go ahead and await the flames! :)

As someone else mentioned, not a problem, Craig! We may rib you a
little, but then we would have done that anyway.

> Oh and they are actually funny too! - Just too
> bad these were not printed with the insides
> colored by Tom Luth as well as the covers.
> And too bad each panel didn't have Groo!

Am I the only one out there that is glad they weren't colored?? I know
we've talked about this before, but while there are times that I think
Luth's coloring can even help sort out the chaos that can be Sergio (I
think there was something back around Dia de los Muertos that I HAD
wished was colored...just seemed too busy & hard to sort out at times),
I'm actually growing in my appreciation of B&W stuff as well. For
example, Sergio's marginals in MAD would NOT be the same if colored...


PS I hope the NAACP doesn't take my arguments the wrong way. I really do
like "colored" people, but sometimes I enjoy the drawings in B&W.