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Re: WAAAYYYY OT (computers) & then back again... :)

First of all, I want to let ALL the folks in the Groop know that "Mr.
Fitchell" is a great guy & we've been having a nice discussion off list
about computers & stuff. I came on a little hard on the poor guy, & I
apologized to him already. I apologize to the Groop as well for not
maintaining the Groop level of light-heartedness. I'd also apologize for
being so far OT, but it seems to be the standard as of late. ;)

Dan LaLande wrote:
> >> I work for Microsoft.
> >> I'd suggest not using Norton products at all.
> >> From experience, I see that 80% of the troubleshooting I do is because of
> >> something a utility program has done.
> All of the Norton stuff works great on Macs.  Hmmm...  Perhaps it's the
> Microsoft software that's the problem?
> Dan "Buy an iMac" LaLande

Can't let this one go entirely either. I don't know how ANYone can
endorse a system that purposefully excludes a floppy drive deeming it
"unnecessary" in this day & age of networks & internets. Macs, as do
PCs, have their strong AND weak points. No single computer, operating
system, or even comic will be right for EVERYONE.

While Groo is an incredible piece of work, I've heard tell that some
folks out there just don't enjoy it that much. Fortunately for those
folks there are other titles like Fan Boy & Blair Which to choose from.

The new Groo was at it's usual Grooness & therefore quite enjoyable.
However, I did want to say a special "I REALLY enjoyed Blair Which" for
Mark &/or the other Groopers out there.