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Re: OT - Microsoft Blues....

Dan LaLande wrote:

> >> I work for Microsoft.
> >> I'd suggest not using Norton products at all.
> >> From experience, I see that 80% of the troubleshooting I do is because of
> >> something a utility program has done.
> All of the Norton stuff works great on Macs.  Hmmm...  Perhaps it's the
> Microsoft software that's the problem?

Microsoft products always has a lot of bugs so that users have to buy their
upgrades/bug free products.  Microssoft is the evil empire of the software
industry and Bill gates is the emperor Palpatine/Darth vader combined.

Elie A Harriett wrote:

> I have to agree with that one.  In fact, Norton's antivirus and utilities
> programs have saved my computer's bacon on more than one occasion.  Not
> being a PC owner, I can't vouch for its quality on that platform, but it
> has my highest recommendation for any Mac owners.
> Elie

UNIX / LINUX rules.....