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Re: despicable jobs

Oh yeah?

Well, I think Spiderman can beat up Superman!!!!
I think Phish suck and Metallica Rules!!!!
I think it's less filling!!!

whadda-ya-think of that!!!!

(same concept)

Ummmm.... I still ask the same question, how is it that in Groo #14, Groo can get crushed by a giant Pyramid block and walk away... yet in
Groo #22 he get knocked out cold from a mere stone? :)

From: Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@umassmed.edu>
To: groop@groo.com
Subject: Re: despicable jobs
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:39:47 -0500

Nate Piekos wrote:

> Of course I threatened to take his job, and then we got along just fine,
> but since then, I preach tollerance.

You preach collecting money to let people pass you?! Argh! The only
thing worse than a Microsoft employee is a tax collector!! (excepting
our very own Dessesbo, of course, who doesn't "collect" taxes but helps
resolve problems). Oops...I forgot politicians!! Aw, heck, that reminds
me: lawyers!!! ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!


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