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OT = On Topic & Off Topic

Hi Folks!

Hey, you computer people! I never know what you are talking about.  All I
want is for my computer to work, which it seems to most of the time.  (Why
do they call them "floppies" when they don't flop? Don't answer that!)

Around these parts (western Washington) Bill Gates has helped make thousands
of people very, very rich (unfortunately, not me) and created thousands of
very high paying jobs  (again, not for me) On the other hand, since Gates IS
worth over 100 Billion dollars and his product, like Budwieser beer,
satisfies the masses while assaulting the senses of the connoisseur, he is
certainly a ripe target for ridicule.  So a couple years or so ago, while
trying to create an entry for a Groo contest (sponsored by Wizard or Dark
Horse) I wrote a little Groo meets Microsoft poem.  I think there are enough
new folks to the list who haven't seen this, so here goes:

"Did I Err?"
(or Groo Destroys Bill Gates, Microsoft and the Civilized World as We Know

One day, oh mighty Microsoft, that peerless corp'rate giant,
Did something that destroyed the life of every single client.
Bill Gates was looking for someone to rid him of his rivals.
A person who'd ensure there would be limited survivals.
So in exchange for leavings from the corp'rate commissary,
Gates hired one as welcome as a plague of dysentary.
The fact that all who tried to use him were now on their backs,
Seemed to be something that escaped the meg'lomaniac.
Before the words "Don't touch that, fool!" could issue from his lips
A virus had infected Gate's zillion microchips!
All systems crashed around the world, financial ruin reigned.
It was Bill Gates, a pauper now, that ev'rybody blamed.
Gates learned too late what others have found always to be true.
Do not include within your plans the one who's known as Groo!

Now let's move on to other, more important topics.  Like for example:

Pipal Khan can't pronounce any R's, but he can pronounces some L's and not
others.  Why is that?  Mark?

Take care all -Gary G.