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Re: Conan (OT Rant)

The first Conan movie seriously sucks and has no relation whatsoever to the
"Conan Saga" as can be pieced together from Robert E. Howard's various Conan
stories.  Conan at age 14 or 44 (the range of ages in the Howard stories)
would never submit to any form of slavery and would (and did in several
stories) escape at first chance, killing his would-be master in the process
if given less than half a chance.  Howard never envisioned Conan being
raised in slavery or being taught swordplay.   I have never understood why
L. Sprague DeCamp, a noted fantasy writer who ressurected Conan in the late
1960's when Tolkien hit the big time (both Howard & Tolkien wrote in the
30's), would write a sreenplay that was so stupid and so out of sync with
the actual stories.

The Conan movies, comic books, and about one-third of the 61 Conan paperback
books are awful for various reasons.  The best stories/books are by Howard,
Robert Jordan, and John Maddux Roberts.

imho-Gary G.

PS  Of course, Groo would destroy (destwoy?) Conan

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> I just watched Conan the barbarian VCD and do you know why Conan's
> master released him?  it's because he knew that Conan will be facing
> Groo in a fight.  (that's why he brought Conan to the east and teach him
> the art of swordplay.  Since Conan couldn't master it as good as groo
> does, he knew Conan will get slain by Groo and that's why he released
> Conan.
> Azamin