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Re: Real Comics Geeks?

I only buy Groo & Usagi and anything else by Mark & Sergio & Stan.  So I am
not a comic book geek.  I am a Groo geek.  Which somehow sounds a lot
scarier even if it is cheaper and takes up less room.  -G.G.  (for gary
Grossmann or Groo Geek, which ever you prefer)

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From: "Shane Clarke" <sac@foolarchy.com>
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Sent: Friday, January 21, 2000 6:36 PM
Subject: Real Comics Geeks?

> How many of our Groo Fans are big time comic book geeks?
> By geek I mean you have boxes upon boxes and a monthly comic book expense
> that rivals a car payment.
> You get the idea. I'm just curious. I spend roughly $100-$120 a month on
> new/old comic or comic related items.