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Re: Real Comics Geeks?

<< >Just out of curiosity... would you happen to have an estimate as far as 
 >many you have?
 >If not a number... at least how many boxes? If even not that... maybe you
 >could say how many you could fill? >>

Hi all,

While I probably do not have as many as Mark, since he has been collecting 
for more years than I have, I have almost 25,000 comics!!   I have around 80 
long boxes and several big stacks in my house!  Groo is of course a big 
favorite, however, I have been a big Spiderman and X-Men fan for years, and I 
really enjoy most of the Vertigo stuff.  I do not read some things, but I 
like a healthy dose of lot of different things.  Other than Spiderman and 
X-Men, I really like humor books, things like the Adventures of Barry Ween, 
Bone, (which both make me laugh out loud), and things of that ilk.  Kieron 
Dwyer's Lowest Comic Denominator is extremely funny, but it is not for the 
easily offended!  I probably read twenty books a week!  Scott Hudlow