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Re: Real Comics Geeks?

Hi All,

   Chalk me in there like Gary Grossman - I'm really only a Groo Geek.
I collect (almost) everything I can get my hands on that is Groo related.
I have a near perfect and near complete collection of every Groo ever
released with the exception of 4 TPBs: the Bazaar, Carnival, Festival
and Garden.  Anyone want to sell an extra? :)
  I've recently started collecting various Sergio and Sergio and Mark
stuff (it just donned on me that Sergio and Mark is: S&M - Hmmn I
wonder :) .... )  with the addition of 1-6 Louder than words and the
Louder than words TPB ... 
  I have been meaning to try out the Mighty Magnor series though,
how many issues got pumped out and are they worth much?  I don't
want my Groo collecting to take a back seat to just *any* other comic.