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Re: Real Comics Geeks?

Frank Miller (Wolverine Mini Series) and Barry Windsor-Smith (Conan) were my first comics. (I won't admit that I bought ROM also.)

But when I layed my hands on Groo... it was like wildfire from there on out!

At 11:37 PM 1/21/00 -0600, Groosum wrote:
I have to admit that my meager collection now takes up four long boxes, one
short box and a magazine short box. I blame it on Sergio and crew, for it was
their work that got me into comics in the first place.

Shane Clarke wrote:

> How many of our Groo Fans are big time comic book geeks?
> By geek I mean you have boxes upon boxes and a monthly comic book expense
> that rivals a car payment.
> You get the idea. I'm just curious. I spend roughly $100-$120 a month on
> new/old comic or comic related items.

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