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Groofest buttons...

Hey all,
My significant other has this little button making doohickey and she has
volunteered to make the groop some buttons for Groofest 2000. I think
the buttons are 3" in diameter.
With permission from Mark or Sergio, we ( the groop )  could come up
with a pic to put on them ( email it to me ), she could make them, and I
could mail them to you in time for Groofest.
This is not meant to take place of the shirts and or hats, but is in
addition to. And at no cost...( the button stuff is pretty inexpensive,
and shipping them to individual groopies-ers shouldn't cost more than $1
each, I will cover that...).

ME - Is this ok?

If approved, we need to decide what we want on the buttons...And how

Groosum - Elect Groo for president.

I have a website ( working, but not complete )

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