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Re: Rockfalls

This is easy,

> Ummmm.... I still ask the same question, how is it
> that in Groo #14, Groo 
> can get crushed by a giant Pyramid block and walk
> away... yet in
> Groo #22 he get knocked out cold from a mere stone?
> :)

Mark is a very Literate fellow, and he knows perfectly
well that it is an accepted manner of speech in
English "to get stoned", so obviously Groo can be
stoned, whereas it is almost silly to say "Groo got
pyramidded", therefore such an event would have no
effect on Groo. Maybe Sergio draws in Spanish as his
native tongue/artform and in that language/style it is
acceptable to "Draw" pyramids falling on itnerant

See - simple, as any fool can plainly see !

Greg - just confusing myself again - Craill !
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