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Re: Real Comics Geeks?

I usually spend less than 20 a month now, back as a teen it was around 40. Sometimes I go on a binge (like after extended periods overseas) and buy 100-200 dollars worth at once. My collection is around 3000, about a 1000 with me and 2000 in storage somewhere. Monthly I still collect the main X titles (mostly out of habit), Deadpool (the best Marvel's doing), Groo when it comes out, same for Sin City, Preacher, Savage Dragon, Hitman, and various other titles I hear about. I've unfortunately dropped my old favorite, The Hulk, after Peter David left (I gave it a year under new writers and it never comes close). I still pick up other old favorites once in a while to see how their doing. Superman, Spiderman, FF, other X titles, Spawn. I'm also a huge Ninja High School fan, but its hard to find it anywhere lately. I've got ish 2 of v.2 but that's it lately. Scott H. higly recommended Alan Moore's new ABC line, so I'll attempt to check it out.

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