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Re: Groofest buttons...

At 02:13 AM 01/22/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Yes, they would be to wear at the Con...
>Maybe instead of promoting Groofest, they could be to support/promote
>the Groop?
>And waiting is not a problem :-)

~~~ I think wearing them at the con is a terrible idea. (if they are for
groofest) As much as I like to help other groofans, the fewer people going
to Sergio's studio, the better.  And I don't want to lose my temper and
have to open a can of whoop tooshy on a bunch of crater-faced mouth
breathers who will undoubtedly ask 50 krillion times, "So, how do I get to
go to Sergio's studio?"

But then again, I may not get to go anyway.... so there's one less, M.E.!

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