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Re: Groofest buttons...

In a message dated 1/22/0 3:03:23 AM, me@evanier.com writes:

>My feeling is that if this GrooFest/Tour of Sergio's studio is going to take 
place, >it'll be after the con...and it would probably be for the best if you 
>publicize it at the con.  Methinks too many people are already going as it 

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I got to thinking about that old "she told two 
friends, and she told two friends, and so on and so on?" commercial, and 
realized that this could quite easily balloon out of control. I've got a 
couple of friends who might meet me at the Con, and I had already decided 
before I read Mark's post to be discreet; if the Tour element of GrooFest 
does happen, I'd planned on making it clear to non-Groop friends that this is 
by invitation only and give them my regrets. 

I was the one to first bring up the idea of T-shirts, which later got into 
talk of hats and buttons (again, only with Sergio/Mark approval). My original 
intent was to somehow identify ourselves to each other as well as to Sergio 
and Mark by sight. 

Perhaps we should keep the words GrooFest off of whatever we eventually do 
and just reference The Groop (like on the Groopads). We could do a simple hat 
with no artwork, just saying "The Groop" on the front with "www.Groo.com" on 
the back? Questions could then be answered with "it's a Groo fan site, check 
it out;" no need to mention anything more. We should all agree to keep mum on 
GrooFest at the Con, though. 


-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy