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Re: Groofest buttons...

Hey all, Not promoting Groofest is not a problem, I just wanted to make the
offer. Having a " Groop " button would be just fine. If there is going to be a
shirt and or a hat, the image and or text could be the same. Again, this is just
an offer.
I like the idea of www.Groo.com, especially with the way the internet has worked
its way into the scheme of things...

SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 1/22/0 3:03:23 AM, me@evanier.com writes:
> >My feeling is that if this GrooFest/Tour of Sergio's studio is going to take
> place, >it'll be after the con...and it would probably be for the best if you
> didn't
> >publicize it at the con.  Methinks too many people are already going as it
> is.
> Yeah, you're absolutely right. I got to thinking about that old "she told two
> friends, and she told two friends, and so on and so on?" commercial, and
> realized that this could quite easily balloon out of control. I've got a
> couple of friends who might meet me at the Con, and I had already decided
> before I read Mark's post to be discreet; if the Tour element of GrooFest
> does happen, I'd planned on making it clear to non-Groop friends that this is
> by invitation only and give them my regrets.
> I was the one to first bring up the idea of T-shirts, which later got into
> talk of hats and buttons (again, only with Sergio/Mark approval). My original
> intent was to somehow identify ourselves to each other as well as to Sergio
> and Mark by sight.
> Perhaps we should keep the words GrooFest off of whatever we eventually do
> and just reference The Groop (like on the Groopads). We could do a simple hat
> with no artwork, just saying "The Groop" on the front with "www.Groo.com" on
> the back? Questions could then be answered with "it's a Groo fan site, check
> it out;" no need to mention anything more. We should all agree to keep mum on
> GrooFest at the Con, though.
> Opinions?
> -Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy

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