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This is worst than.........

Yoo Hoo!....

Gotta tell ya, I loved the new Groo issue - Mightier than the Sword.
Can't wait for the next issue..... can't wait.. can't wait.. can't wait.. can't wait.. can't wait...

Oh, dear.....I guess I gotta wait  :-(      *sigh*

This is worst than:

1. Drinking 3 cups of coffee and running to the restroom and discovering the door is locked.

2.  Going to the DMV on your lunch hour.

3.  Sitting in the dentist office awaiting your turn.

4.  Traffic at 5 pm.

5.  Waiting for the pregnancy test results.

6.  Any torture ever devised.

Well, enough of my whinning....
I'm waiting patiently...

Lucky Cat  :-D

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