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GrooFest 2000

Hi Folks!

OK, here is the whole history of GrooFest 2000 up to this point.
Unfortunately, it's pretty short.  This should have gone to everyone who has
expressed an interest in GrooFest 2000.  If you have expressed an interest
and didn't receive this message, please let me know.  Uuummm.  Wait a
minute.  Forget that last part.

I saw Sergio in Seattle in late 1998 and I half-jokingly suggested that we
have a Groo Convention in Ojai, where he lives.  He said there would not be
enough people to have a convention, but we could get some folks together for
lunch and then go on a tour of his studio.  Thus, the idea for GrooFest 2000
was born.  When I saw him again at San Diego, I asked him if he really
wanted to do something like that.  He said sure, so I announced it to the
Groop and about 20 folks bringing a total of 30 people said they were
interested in coming and a few others have expressed interest since then.  I
also figured out that most folks would like to go to the San Diego Con in
conjunction with GrooFest, so right before or right after would be best.  So
far, so good.

Meanwhile, Mark e-mailed me to say that Sergio figured there would be about
5-6 people and he (Mark) wasn't sure what Sergio would think about 20-30
folks descending on Ojai.  Oops!  Did I Err?

Meanwhile, I wrote (faxed per his instructions) Sergio telling him about the
response and asking if we should forget the whole thing, but if not, what
time would work out best for him.  He had told me in San Diego to just
figure out a time, but I didn't think that meant to just bull ahead without
his OK and obviously felt that way a lot more after what Mark wrote me.
Unfortunately, no response from Sergio.

So I wrote him another letter with a self-addressed stamp and a little
attachment whereby he could just check a few boxes to say to forget the
whole thing or what time would be good.  Unfortunately, still no answer.  My
guess is he put it on a chair or something and it got under a bunch of stuff
that he intends to get to, but are not urgent.  If you've seen his studio,
this would make sense.

So I e-mailed Mark and asked for his assistance as a go-between, which I was
hoping to avoid.  Here is the response I got on December 3:

>So naturally, I turn to you (you who have so foolishly opened yourself up
>and even welcomed direct communication with us nutballs in the Groop) for
>advice.  Thanks in advance and take care -Gary G.

ME: Sergio is out of the country at the moment and fiercely behind on
deadlines, to boot.  When he gets back and gets a free moment, I'll
ask him about it.

And that's it.  As of 7 weeks ago, Sergio was behind on deadlines while
running around the world as he loves to do and Mark is doing his usual thing
of pushing to get things done while at the same time protecting Sergio from
distractions, including us. (btw, it never ceases to amaze me the volume of
work and number of projects Mark works on while still answering e-mails and
participating in newsgroup dialogues, etc.)

My intention is to ask Mark at the first of February if he's had a chance to
talk to Sergio or if I should write him again or even call him.  I figure 2
months is enough time to wait.

In the meantime, since things are NOT coming together very well at this
point and virtually everyone wants to go to the San Diego con, I suggest, as
I said before, we begin to plan a different version or concept of GrooFest
2000 whereby we all get together at the Con and descend on Sergio & Stan &
Mark & Tom at the Con where descending "en masse" is definitely OK.  If we
can work out something special with the Groo Crew, great. You never know.
If not, well so what.  Being there and meeting the Groo Crew and each other
is special enough.

So what do you all think?

btw, I the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a T-shirt, cap
and/or button that says something like "I'm a Member of the Groop!"  Maybe
not having art would actually be the best way to go.  We make it kind of
stark, so it is very easy to spot.  (I guarentee Sergio would be happy to
sign them at the con)  And Nate, don't worry, you won't be acosted.  I had
hardly any questions about my Groo hat in either '98 or '99.  Most people,
shockingly, are not there to see Sergio and those who are are, unshockingly,
almost invariably polite.

Don't respond to the whole Groop.  Things will just get more confusing until
we actually come up with a plan.

Take care all -Gary G.