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Re: Real Comics Geeks?

What's a comic geek anyway ?, I collect Sergio/ME
stuff at the moment, I also used to collect X-men
(originals from 160 - 350) but I never considered any
comic collector geeky.

People ask me occasionally about Groo, (hey my
numberplate is GROO - deliberate free advertising for
the lads !) And I show them an issue, and I point out
the exquisite artwork, tasty colouring, captivating
prose, (Sorry Stan, don't buy comics based on actual
lettering style - man I feel guilty!), and humorous
dig at society laced with a moral. 

Collect all that together makes a strong case for the
comic to be an artwork worth appreciating, the normal
response I get is "Hey man, I never looked at it that
way before, they're quite cool".

Same with the X-Men, it used to be a huge platform for
the dream of equality in society. Along with awesome
artwork and dramatic story telling, but it went too
commercial for me, too many crossovers.

Collectively yours but not geekishly

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