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RE: Real Comics Geeks?

I proudly where the title of Comic Geek.

I blame my mother because I had 10-15 issues that my grandfather had
given me when I was 6 (mostly Marvel monster titles) that she thought
were too much for me and threw out.  I started avidly reading as of that
point, and just never wanted to part with anything I bought.  I now have
about 9,000 that are in short boxes and take up two closets that I have
fitted with shelves from floor to ceiling.

I can't , but I sure would like to compete with ME's collection.  And
yes, I've read every issue I have owned.
     -- "Oh boy is this great!!!"

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>I prefer comic book freak, but what the hey, count me amongst you.
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>How many of our Groo Fans are big time comic book geeks?
>By geek I mean you have boxes upon boxes and a monthly comic book expense 
>that rivals a car payment.
>You get the idea. I'm just curious. I spend roughly $100-$120 a month on 
>new/old comic or comic related items.