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RE: Real Comics Geeks?

Hey, I get quite freaky about other forms of literature and art, too!  

Interesting the way a similar experience can lead to vastly different
results.  I started with CBs early, too.  However, it was the words that
truly captivated me.  Now instead of a graphic designer, I'm a (god-forbid)

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Hi everyone,

I must admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed this string of emails and it has
me out of my usual "lurk-because-I'm-too-busy-to-reply" mode.

I really don't consider myself a comic geek or freak or anything else that
be associated with a side show carnival. As a comic book reader, I, and
on this list, are art and literature lovers and critics. Period.

I was first introduced to comics when I was quite young, by my father. He
me countless Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Scooby Doo, etc. comics that I
and read over and over until the pages were in rags. When I was old enough
introduced me to one of his own favorites as a child: Batman. Along with
me the newstand's latest installment of Batman in the late 60's (which I
have), he presented me with several issues from his childhood... in the mid
40's. I was totally awe-struck... by the fact that my own father read these
he was my age and that people could actually create these stories, month
month, well enough to keep people coming back for more. My father sparked my
imagination with these books. I would spend hours upon hours tracing and
the characters and creating my own versions of the stories. I owe my career
design and marketing to him. If not for these early introductions, I would
probably ended up (God-forbid) a lawyer.

And now back to our regularly scheduled lurking...

BTW, my brother and I still have my father's comics from the 40's. They are
absolute treasures that we hold dear, now that he's gone.