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Starbur home video

Hi -

Hoping  I reached a real person who might know the process for ordering
videos advertised in WildC.A.T.S. comic book.  My son loves this comic,
and is quite an artist himself.  He was reading a few older comic books
and discovered an ad for these videos.  I tried calling a phone number
from the ad 313-425-7930, but just receive a busy signal.
Would you please let me know if these videos are still available, how I
may order them, or if there is another site I may visit to locate
them?   Thank you for your time.

The videos are:   THE COMIC BOOKS GREATS, VOL 10 - JIM LEE    and
                           HOW TO CREATE A COMIC BOOK

The ad included a special WILDC.A.T.S. offer of $5.00 off each tape
ordered.  Please let me know if these videos are still available, or
where I might order them, or a list of your currently available videos
of comic book artists.

Thank you,

Zach Bassett, e-mail zlbbassett@worldnet.att.net, or home at 3166 W.
132nd Ct., Broomfield, CO  80020, (303)438-1106.  Thank you.