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Re: All time favorite Groo issue?

Pigs and Apples (#9)
The fish hatchery one.. (#17) That one is my favorite "Hidden Message" (Good
Job, Mark)
Shipyard issue #16
Death of Groo Graphic Novel
The Amulet story (where groo turns into a fish) (#26)

Too many favorites... Any issues #1-26 (Epic) are the all time favs though.
Issue#8 with the Kantors was the first issue I bought, and I was sold.
I have three complete sets of all Groo appearances and Epic issues.

I only have a few issues here and there of any appearances after Epic ended.

I do have the Sergio Aragones VHS tape hosted by Stan Lee as well as a
taping of Sergio when he appeared on QVC (or some shopping channel) for the
release of Mighty Magnor#1. I did end up buying one of his signed copies
while he was there... didn't get to talk to him though. :(

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From: Craig Bower <nitroacid@jetnet.ab.ca>
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Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2000 8:31 PM
Subject: All time favorite Groo issue?

> Hi All,
>     Recently, I've been re-reading and re-bagging
> my entire collection of GROO.  Now as any fool
> can plainly see, this takes a lot of time!  So I've
> made it to #21 tonight and was thinking about
> a question to send out to the Groop:
> Which GROO issue is your all time favorite?
> Be it the issue that got you into GROO, the one
> with your favorite cover, the story you like the
> most, etc., etc.
> My fave would have to be #21 with Arba,
> Dakarba and Grativo in it - A close second
> would be #16 simply for the cover art.
> What is yours?
> Later,
> Craig