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Re: GrooFest 2000

LOL, me in an orange shirt... I'm going to ge easy to spot, just look for the
person dressed like a pumpkin...

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hi again Folks!
> Hey, just two thoughts:
> 1.  How about if we do make some T-Shirts, we make them orange, a la Groo's
> tunic? Also, we'll want to place the text in such a way that there is lots
> of space for Sergio to sign them.
> 2.  I don't know what happened to the GrooFest mailing list that I think
> Kevin (?) was setting up.  But until we have something like that, just send
> any input or replies to "reply to all" on this message and everyone will get
> it.
> Take care all!  GrooFest 2000  (one way or another)  -Gary G.
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