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Re: OT: Of Dodos & Gremlins

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000 08:10:45 EST, RMorris306@aol.com wrote:

>     Wasn't that because Disney claimed Warner's gremlins (from FALLING HARE
> and RUSSIAN RHAPSODY, the latter featuring "a gremlin from the Kremlin") were
> too close to its own version of the gremlins, taken from a magazine story by
> "Pegasus" (actually the then-unknown Roald Dahl) and featured in a book
> and a comic strip (drawn by Walt Kelly, yet!) and a planned-but-never-made
> movie? (Though they WOULD do an animated version of the same author's JAMES
> AND THE GIANT PEACH decades later.)

ME: Something like that.
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