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All in one ...

Hi All,

Earlier I emailed Chad back and replied to his
message by sayin' I'd do it later this weekend.
Well if you're like me, weekends tend to have
a way of sucking the life out of a project.  So
What the heck - I've put all the Groo Wallpapers
I've made so far into one nice easy to click on
link - and - added (C) Sergio Aragones to all
of them, just so you know who draws them! :)

Maybe on the weekend I'll put up thumbnails to
make it a little easier to navigate ... 

Well, off to Fed-Ex I must run ... 

P.S. Chad - thanx for lighting a fire you know where.
         - Next on my list is to join the Groo Webring.

> Chad wrote:

>You should put together a web page with links to the
>different wallpapers you've done... I'm sure that the
>Groop will start getting messages saying, "whoever
>made those wallpapers, could you tell me where they're
>at again?"